Personalized Etsy Shop Critique with Cassie


Looking to maximize your Etsy success with some individualized shop critique help? We’re here to help!

With the Personalized Etsy Shop Critique you’ll receive:

  • The complete downloadable Etsy Shop Critique to complete on your own.
  • A personalized, one page write up from Cassie with tips to optimize your Etsy shop.
  • Plus, two handmade biz questions of your choice for Cassie to answer.
  • An opportunity to take the Self-Care section of the kit a bit further with Kerry and also receive a self-care tip personalized for you.


Working with Cassie:

With six years of experience growing my successful Etsy shop, Zenned Out, I am so excited to share some pro tips with you and help you identify growth opportunities in your Etsy shop.



This personalized version works best if you have filled out the Etsy Shop Critique first. This way, we can look over your answers, notes, social media, AND your shop before we start your personalized report.

When you purchase this package, the Etsy Shop Critique kit will be sent to you immediately. Once you have completed the kit (take your time so you can get to most out of your personalized report) send it back to us. We will respond with your personalized report within one week.

Already have the Etsy Shop Critique Kit? Don’t fret! Check the back of your kit for a coupon code to save $20 off of the Personalized Etsy Shop Critique.

We look forward to working with you!

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