Intuitive Business Session with Kerry (Phone)


Intuitive Business Reading

Need some guidance around an area of your business?

I am here to help you to tap into your intuition to help guide you to the answers you seek. In this session, you will ask a question related to your business. I will then do a card spread using my Medicine Woman tarot deck. The cards that come up will help you see different aspects related to the question you asked and help you get clear on your next step or steps.

The session will end with you committing to an actionable step in your business. You will also receive a bit of homework from that might be related to yoga, meditation, visualizing, crystals, etc.

I will follow up with you via email with a summary along with any more guidance that comes to her intuitively and to help you feel supported.

After you invest in your 1-on-1 with me, within 24 hours you’ll be emailed a link to schedule session and a short questionnaire to help me understand where you are on your business journey.

1 hour