Crystal Kit for Biz Owners


Looking for more zen in your biz? Our crystal kits are here to help you accomplish just that! These kits have been thoughtfully put together with busy business owners in mind.

Each crystal has been chosen for its specific energy to help you in an area of your life and business. You will receive one of each of the following crystals: Clear Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, and Smoky Quartz.

These are the powerhouse crystals for business owners. The tips below and on the cards help you with things like empowering your crystal with your intentions, creating abundance in your business, and keeping you protected and grounded throughout the day.

Working with crystals helps you slow down and truly focus on how you want to feel in your business and how you want your business to look. They also help you tap into your intuition so you won’t feel like you are always looking outside of yourself for answers. These crystals are a tool to help you create a zenned out biz.

Oh, and to keep things stress-free we are offering free shipping on these kits. Hooray! (Domestic US only! Various shipping will be applied for International orders.)

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You will receive one of each crystal:

Clear Quartz

  • Program it with a goal you’re working on. Sit with it in your hand, close your eyes, imagine the goal completed. Mentally envision this imagery being sent into your quartz crystal.


  • Place a piece in the farthest back, left corner of your home or office to inspire abundance. This is the “wealth” corner of your home or workspace.


  • Place on your nightstand. Envision your amethyst working with your third eye (in between your eyebrows) to create clarity around decision making in your business.

Smoky Quartz

  •  Keep a piece of smoky quartz near you in your workspace to help deflect negative energy and keep you grounded while working.

You will also receive one card (shown in photos) that lists these qualities plus how to cleanse your crystals.

Please expect slight variations in color and size.


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