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A creative soul right from the start, Cassie Uhl has always loved creating. Zenned Out started with her stringing beads on her living room floor while she was still teaching art. She will never forget the day she saw a stamp set in the jewelry store–she felt magnetized to it! Cassie saved up from the jewelry sales she held at friends’ houses and bought her shiny new toy. Instantly, she was obsessed.

From beading on the floor, to that first stamp set, Zenned Out has grown so much over the years. Cassie didn’t know where it would take her, but it wasn’t long into running her Etsy shop when she realized her creative passion could be her career. She was all in. With no business training she had a lot to learn, and she worked hard and soaked up information about running a small business like a sponge. There was a lot of trial and error, too many twelve-hour days to count, and many mistakes along the way, but she wouldn’t trade any of it.

Today Zenned Out is run in a large and beautiful studio. Now with so many talented others helping at Zenned Out Cassie has time to share her experience with creative entrepreneurs and support their growth. She still has missteps, and the occasional twelve-hour work day, but she loves what she does and is excited to help others find their voice too.

intuitive business and life coaching

A passion for creativity and spirituality has led Kerry Burki’s heart since she was a child. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies and is a life coach, intuitive counselor, and yoga teacher. She has worked with creative entrepreneurs for over 10 years through her own coaching and yoga practice and previously with Handmade Success, Artisan Markets, Waste Not Paper and Green Paper Company.

She loves working with people seeking success, independence, freedom, authenticity, change, and confidence but are currently feeling stuck or overwhelmed or restless. Kerry empowers her clients to slow down enough to begin to tune into their own wisdom and see the next right step to take to move forward towards their dream business and life. This all comes from experience because she knows what it is like to feel stressed, lost, confused. Her tools work! She has been called a gentle guide and a spirit teacher by past clients. She enjoys being a nonconformist, an explorer, and a courageous soul always searching for ways to be true to herself while encouraging others to do the same over on her site