Have you printed out your Using Positive Affirmations in Your Biz mini-kit yet? We are getting such an enthusiastic from those who have over on Instagram that we wanted to share a few fun ways to use them in your day to day life.

These cards are meant to help you shift your mindset around certain areas of your business where you might be feeling stuck or need a little extra love.

  • 1. After you print the cards and cut them out you can give the cards a sage smudge. As you smudge the cards you can say or think: “Please remove any negative energy that I have accumulated in my business. Allow room for these positive affirmations to become a reality in my life and business.” Then go through and read each card feeling how it would feel if the statement were true.

  • 2. If you would like with a particular card or theme for a while try this ritual. Place the cards face down. You can put a different stone above each one if you like. Take a moment to pause and take some deep breaths. Then begin to turn the cards over one at a time. Allow your intuition to help you pick the card you need to work with now. Some cards might get a “meh” reaction and some cards might get a gut reaction. The gut reaction is the one you want to choose. You might feel this somewhere other than your gut like maybe around your heart or your head. Trust your inner knowing and choose the card and the stone above to work with for a while. At least once a day hold the stone while you repeat the affirmation 3 or 9 times.

  • 3. Create a way to display the card you are currently working with so you can easily see it every day and tap into that feeling of positivity surrounding the card. In the photo above, we painted a mini easel and hot glued a heart shaped stone to the front. Get creative! Switch out the card as needed.

If you try any of these out be sure to share and tag us on Instagram! Can’t wait to see you using your cards and creating more zen in your biz! Don’t have the cards yet? Sign up here and they will be sent to your inbox!


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